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Our commitment to a better future.


As a certified B Corp, we’re dedicated to making the world a healthier place. Thanks to you, we’ve donated 1.6 million life-saving food bars to those in need! Find out our giving back efforts and learn about our goals to give back even more in the future!


“To truly make a change we truly have to work year-round. Every day. 365. That’s what we do at Your Super. We work hard to make this planet a better place.” - Kristel De Groot.

Committed to donating in 2021. Help us reach that goal! Every purchase counts.

Committed to donating in 2021. Help us reach that goal! Every purchase counts.

We're Devoted To Making A Change


We realized the massive impact we can have as a company and expanded our giving back efforts with a wide variety of organizations that can impact people globally.

End Hunger.


Every year 2.6 million children around the world die from severe malnutrition- that is one child every 12 seconds. That’s why we partner with non-profit organizations like Action Against Hunger and People Concern which are dedicated to winning the fight against world hunger.


Women's Empowerment.


As a female founder, women’s empowerment is a cause that is very near and dear to my heart. Through our partnerships with nonprofits such as The Love Land Foundation, we are focused on being part of the change that supports females through education, awareness, and women’s health.


Clean Water.


It's estimated that 29% of the world's population doesn't have access to clean drinking water. That has to change! A part of our 2020 donations will go towards a soon-to-be-announced partner.


Supporting Kids.


Worldwide it’s estimated that 30 million kids and women are taken for sexual exploitation. We are honored to partner with the Marici, an organization that is committed to rescuing kids in India out of the fastest-growing crime human trafficking industry.





We are passionate about protecting the planet...after all, it is nature that supplies us with the best superfood medicine. Many of our ingredients come from Amazonia—which is rapidly deforested— therefore we are looking for a partner to replant trees.

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